Feb 10, 2011

Throwback Thursday ... and I'm going way, way, way back!!!


Who doesn't still love Rick Springfield?
Don't roll your eyes! Trust me!
General Hospital, lovers... you know you wish they would reprise his role as Dr. Noah Drake! *que squealing girls* If you don't know Dr. Noah Drake, Google it, YouTube it, but good lord ... find it so you can join the rest of us Springfield fans.

So how does Rick Springfield play into Thursday Thowback and my current WIP? I'm channeling my inner bad boy. A bad boy you want to root for, because he's so darn charming! But, NO!  You know you shouldn't, well ... he's a bad boy. This character has to really walk the line of love an hate. My Main Character, Cassie, has to just hate this guy!  I mean loath, fear, despise and overall just wanna spit cheese fries at this guy ... that is until you read book 2! :)
So here he is, my bad boy:
Rick Springfield - JESSIE'S GIRL.
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