Jul 9, 2012

Just another Monday. The kind where I kind of strip naked...

Me … naked.
It’s not a pretty thing, but that’s what I did today.  Ripped off all my perfectly plotted clothes and stood there stark naked. 
I hit the send button.
And now, I’m standing there … like this.

It’s only been a couple hours and already I’m looking over my shoulder.
Wondering if anybody’s watching? 
Who’s pointing? 
Praying no one is laughing.
But honestly, I’ve seen myself naked.  Bad commas, dangling participles … the kind that could use a good nip there, maybe a tuck over here.  You know, the Secrets Victoria can’t even hide.  And that modifier!  Good lord it’s a good thing I’ve got a personality to go with that sucker. 
Still naked, probably will be so for the next sixty days.
That’s what the website said.
And I’m okay with that.
I mean what’s the worst that could happen.  A nice lady hands me back my sub-plot with a “not my cup of tea” grin?   Maybe I’d get a parting scone. 
Who am I kidding!
I’m freakin’ naked!
*deep breath*
*hums I’m Sexy and I Know It.*
Wish me luck…
I’ll be reading this awesome keynote by MyraMcEntire.
I won’t be hard to miss ...  I’m the naked one.   
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