Oct 3, 2013

Author Spotlight: Alan Jacobson and NO WAY OUT

Book Blurb: 

When a powerful firebomb destroys part of an art gallery in an exclusive London district, FBI Profiler Karen Vail is dispatched to England to work with Scotland Yard. But Vail soon discovers that at the heart of the bombing lies a 440-year-old manuscript that holds clues to England's pastówith content is so explosive that a group of political radicals is bent on destroying it at all costs.

The trail leads Vail to a notorious fugitive who appears to be planning a major attack on London and the United States. Soon she finds herself on the run from the British security service, Scotland Yard and a group of internationally trained assassinsóall determined to silence herÖall tightening the net to ensure that sheís got no way out.

National Bestselling author Alan Jacobson has crafted an intelligent, twisting thriller destined to be talked about long after the last page is turned.

About Alan Jacobson:

Alan Jacobsonís literary career has been marked by a number of events, but none was more significant than an accidental meeting 20 years ago while researching his first novel, "False Accusations," at the California Department of Justice's crime lab. Jacobson struck up a conversation with FBI agent Mark Safarik, a profiler at the FBIís Behavioral Analysis Unit and Agent Safarik subsequently invited Jacobson out to Quantico to tour the Academy.

With the FBIís help, Jacobson immersed himself in the world of serial killers, rapists, bombers and arsonists. Over the course of seven years, Jacobson made numerous trips to the BAU, had countless hours of conversations with Agent Safarik and his partner, attended FBI training courses, shot submachine guns with the Academyís head firearms instructor, edited four published FBI research papers on serial offenders and parsed serial killer interviews with Agent Safarik.

Jacobson was finally ready to write his third novel, the first featuring FBI Profiler Karen Vailóthe national bestseller, "The 7th Victim." Oozing sharp wit and sarcasm, Vail means well but is human and makes mistakes. The head of the Federal Law Enforcement Officers association described Karen Vail as ìa cop you'd go through a door with"óa phrase used to describe a colleague with whom officers trust their lives when bullets are flying.

ìNo Way Outî is the 5th Karen Vail FBI Profiler novel, which takes place after a terrorist attack in England. Vail journeys overseas, unearths a 440 year-old manuscript, a terrorist plot, and a cadre of assassins who would like nothing more than to make Vail ancient history.

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A little about the book: 


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Sep 3, 2013

Author Spotlight: Kay Kenyon and A Thousand Perfect Things.

Book Blurb:
In an alternate 19th century, there are two warring continents on an reimagined earth: the scientific Anglica (England) and magical Bharata (India). Emboldened by her grandfather’s final whispered secret of a magical lotus, Tori Harding, a young Victorian woman and aspiring botanist, must journey to Bharata, with its magics, intrigues and ghosts, to claim her fate. There she will face a choice between two suitors and two irreconcilable realms.
In a magic-infused world of silver tigers, demon birds and enduring gods, as a great native mutiny sweeps over the continent, Tori will find the thing she most desires, less perfect than she had hoped and stranger than she could have dreamed.
Excerpt: At the top of the stairs, a servant girl met her and gestured her toward the ranee, ensconced in an enormous rattan chair draped in silk. A servant moved a punkah back and forth over the ranee's head, but not a hair rippled in her coconut-oiled chignon. Her red sari was shot through with threads of gold. Tori approached and fell into a curtsy. "Ah, then it is Astoria, is it?" the ranee said in heavily accented Anglic. "Ek ucch samman," Tori said. A great honor. The ranee gave a small, surprised look, her face plump and ageless. "Please be sitting. It will please us to do." A chair appeared and Tori sat. "Sukriya, Raniji." Thank you, Highness. The ranee paused, lifting an eyebrow at this Bharati exchange. "Bahut accha." Very good. The ranee continued in Bharati, "Shall we converse in my language, then?" Tori smiled, and said, also in Bharati, "Please, Highness, it would be a great pleasure. But my skill is imperfect." "We must leave perfection to the gods," the ranee said. The porch had gone very quiet. Across the courtyard, the mongoose again, chittering against the faint background of the band. "Your grandsire once came to visit Kathore. He studied very much of growing things at our Gangadhar Mahal." Now was Tori's chance, forward or not, protocol or not. "Highness, he told me so much about the Gangadhar. It's a sight I would love to see for his sake." "The monkeys have it now," the ranee murmured. "They chatter of the old days. Yes, the monkeys remember." Then a whump of a gun came from across the grounds. Everyone on the porch turned to see a golden cascade of fire fall from the sky. The fireworks display had begun. Cheers came from the distant officer's mess as a grand red flower bloomed in the sky and fell earthward in fragments of stars. The assembly on the porch watched in rapt attention as the display continued, the launch guns barking, the sky lit with streamers of green, silver and red. "My people also have a show of color," the ranee said. There was a pause in the fireworks, like a gathering breath. Then a glowing fountain rushed upward from the parade grounds. Coalescing in the sky, it resolved into the head of a golden jaguar. A lovely feat, which Tori assumed--by the claps from around the ranee--was the work of Kathore. Then there was something less lovely about the picture. Was that a frown on the great cat's face? Yes--and now, its eyes slanting deeply into a frown. Hovering overhead, looking down upon them, it held a most unpleasant aspect. Then it began to change even more. The jaguar's mouth exploded into a gaping hole of crimson-drenched teeth. Tori stepped backward, hand on her throat, guessing what came next. And then it did: out of the bloody maw came a roar that shook the garden. From the dance came a woman's scream. Then laughter. It was only a display. The phantom crumbled to fragments, leaving a trace of the mouth. At last, even this, in a drooping grimace, fell to splinters. The ranee turned toward her guest, looking serene and if Tori did not impute more than she should, satisfied. "It was only a jaguar." "If that is what they look like, I hope I may not see a real one."

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Kay Kenyon

Kay Kenyon is the author of eleven science fiction and fantasy novels, including The Entire and the Rose series that was hailed by The Washington Post as “A splendid fantasy quest as compelling as anything by Stephen R. Donaldson, Philip Jose Farmer or yes, J. R. R. Tolkien”. Kay’s newest work “A Thousand Perfect Things” blends the reason of the Victorian Age and the magics of an alternate Earth.

Connect with Kay here:

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