Mar 18, 2011

Everybody Has a Random!

Did ya notice there was no Thursday Throwback? Probably not, but that's okay! The reason why there wasn't a TT was because this post needed to be a FF!  Yep, a FREAKY FRIDAY, cuz we 'bout to get some freak on.

Two days ago on twitter, the girls and I were giving another YA writer friend a hard time about an erotica novel that we all know is inside her ...(no pun intended). Yep, our twitter stream took on a dirty-giggly-slumber-partyesque tone.  Then to my complete and utter surprise on my Tivo was two-- yes, count 'um 2-- Glee episodes.  The first one was with Gwyneth Paltrow as Holly Holiday, which is only too perfect a stripper name. LOL

As I was watching the Sex episode it got me thinking about my peaches-n-cream-wholesome-fresh-faced-friend who we all know has a slutty character hiding in the depths of her artistic character catalog.   
So here goes ...
This first ever FREAKY FRIDAY Random is for you missy. 
From all your questionable friends on Twitter... WE LOVE YOU!!!!

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