Apr 8, 2011

Julia Roberts on Benadryl ... or I could be editing under the influence.

I’ve been kind of MIA the past couple of weeks.
And unlike school, I don’t have to give you a reason,
But what fun would there be in holding back the adventures of Mindy if I didn’t share this with you?

I have a book that I’m currently revising.

I have a cold due to allergies.

I have editing for the book and Benadryl for the allergies.

YAY! Problems solved.

I thought so too, until I put the two together.

Lemme just quote Julia: Big Mistake, Huge, BIG!

The book I’m working on is an Urban Fantasy for young adults. It’s got some ah-ma-zing scenes and some OH-MY-God characters that I’ve been layering the past couple of months. I’ve been polishing and shining and making glimmer ready for my all-time-pinch-me-I-must-be-dreaming dream agent’s query inbox. I really want this agent! I really think I would make a great addition to her catalog of clients … and here’s where the Benadryl enters.


This is probably what you’re thinking:

Oh no she didn’t?
This poor girl did not just say what I think she said.
Did she just QUI??? (That’s query under the influence for all you non-writers.)

Don’t worry.
I won’t keep you in suspense.
You can breathe …
I did NOT QUI.

However, the edits that I did do under the influence ... well, if there were a literary walk of shame I’m still walking home.

So here I am, two weeks’ worth of allergies and a Benadryl hang over, with an even bigger job of revising. To quote another amazing woman (Mrs. CJ Redwine)who is single-handedly inspiring a Jersey Shore type lingo for writers:

I will not be GTL’ing in the near future. (Gym,Tan, Laundry)
I will be RPL’ing for a few more weeks + 2. (Read, Polish, Layer.)

Hopefully the end result will look more like Julia Roberts on date night as opposed to Snookies’ hair bump.

Cross your fingers.
I'm going back in!


  1. Ha ha... you crack me up! Good luck with episode 2 of RPL! :)

  2. LOL! Good luck with the book and the querying. And hope you feel better.


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