Nov 21, 2011

My Favorite Things ... yep it's a Monday & a free Kindle giveaway!

Given today is the last day to enter the Keeper Kindle Giveaway!!!! 

I'm going to have to say my favorite thing for this week is ....
I LOVE this thing!
Where else can you flip from this:

To This

To THIS!!!!

Seriously think about the handbag/suitcase you would have to tote around to carry not just three books of amazing but your entire collection of AMAZEBALLS library!  I know. You'd look like some Hollywood starlet who was trying to hard to make it on the next episode of TMZ.

With the Kindle... you can be the uber cool writer reviewing a critique partner's manuscript. Or the ultra awesome reviewer reading the next holy-cow-this-review-is-gonna-rock ARC.  Or the avid die hard reader who just knows a rockin' good story when they read one.

You pick the slot that best fits you and in the meantime ... click here  to enter to win a free Kindle! Entering is super simple!
Read my author interview with Elizabeth Isaacs and her THE SECRET OF THE KEEPERS novel that's out now! And leave me a comment.

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