Dec 15, 2011

Don't You Wish You Had A Momma Like This?!?

It's another Video Must See! 
I'm assuming most of my readers lean toward the creative side. 
Such leaning leads to insecurities. 
Think back to when you were fifteen.
If you were like me, voted Shyest in her 8th grade class, then you'd be MORTIFIED if your mother was so pushy and went to a J.K. Rowling type person's book reading and said, "My daughter writes and she's really good." 
How much more terrified would you be if that J.K. Rowling type person said, "Yeah?  Kid, come read a passage from your work in progress."
Butterfly throw up right?
Watch this video...

Here's to all the ballsy mom's out there! We LOVE YOU!!!!


  1. Oh my gosh, my kids would commit mom-ocide if I ever did anything like this to them!

  2. BTW Love ya wholesome comments on twitter, glad to find your blog.


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