Jan 30, 2012

My Favorite Things... yep it's a Monday! With Chocolate and Heroes!!!!!

This is the kick off to heroes week!
And how better to kick off heroes week than with my very own favorite hero!!!!

too sweet!!!
Yep, that's my husband!
And besides literally saving my life, he is the inspiration to our heroes discussion this week:
Why Your Fictional Hero Shouldn't Wear A White Hat!
As if Mark's inspiration isn't enough, my amazing husband constantly brings me these yummies!!!!

And only 130 calories of AMAZING!


Mark's theme song is A Real Good Man by Tim McGraw.
*Yes, I gave my husband a theme song*   

see the resemblance! I. DO. TOO!!!!
 Now, if you've never listened to this song, then you must!!!! 
Aside from drool worthy husky voices and naughty references to h-h-honkytonks. 
....Wait.... I gotta catch my breath.....

mkai, I'm better.

There's a line from the song that just sums up what every hero should have a sprinkle of:
I may be a real bad boy, but baby I'm a real good man!
Now I'm not saying your hero has to be a down and dirty typical bad boy, but there needs to be an element of recklessness.  A moment where your heroine is completely flabbergasted, taken aback, holy cowed or SOMETHING by her potential "man". 
It's called tension ladies!
And even though we HATE when our heroes go against our words of wisdom, there's a piece of WOWZA that occurs when it happens at the right moment and over the right thing.
I can't tell you what that moment is, but ya sure as heck better have one!
Otherwise your hero will look like this:

Hi, I'm two dimensional and hate chocolate.
oh, you like chocolate...
me too!

Instead of this:

You'll like the chocolate...
on my abs of YUM!
Trust me.
 Or this:
You know you like my smolder!
Or THIS!!!!!

Firefighter Ruiz... so taken ladies.
Okay, I've shared enough of my eye candy husband. 
Now, go find that WOWZA moment in your WIP.


  1. I'm not sure how to complement your hubs without it coming across as weird or creepy. Also, you're Italian, and I don't want to end up in cement shoes ;) You're super blessed to have a great guy, but I think Mark's the luckier one ;)

  2. Oh Mindy, Forget the song (lol!) and be glad you have Mark, I think Mark is pretty glad he has you too! :)


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