Jan 23, 2012

My Favorite Things ... yep, it's a Monday!

I debated about what should be my favorite thing.  I’ve got so many swirling around in my head.

I could go with the personal aspect:

weather, hot tamale candies, butterscotch coffee, fresh linens.

I could go the mommy route:

snuggles in the morning, mini-me- Dylann’s- dimple, I love you mommy’s.

But I think today I’m going to go with the writer in me and my most favorite thing is

the Microsoft Word Navigator. 


I’ve always written my books in order. 

If I had an idea about another part of the book,

 I’d start a new document, save it and, usually, lose it!

Then I stumbled across Helene Boudreau’s blog. 

In this AMAZING site is a writer’s toolbox tab.

 If you ever do anything for yourself, go play in this site and this tab!!

This is what the navigation pane looks like. 

In here, you can flip from chapter 1 to chapter 20 like this:

And then, just as easily flip back to chapter 2 and repeat. 

This may seem extremely simple,

but to a girl who would create whole new documents for ideas…

this was fantabulous.


Two must-have, my favorite things!

1.      Word Navigator and 2. Helene Boudreau’s Blog!


  1. I LOVE helpful writing tips and tools!!! One of my favorite programs is Microsoft OneNote. O-M-G brilliantly helpful! If you don't have it, I highly recommend. :) Thanks for the navigation tip! Nothing like making life easier!

  2. Thanks, Hope!!!! I'll have to go check out OneNote


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