Mar 19, 2012

My Favorite Things ... It's a Monday!

I have TWO favorite things this week!!!
Yes! Two!
It's my birthday tomorrow and I consider it one of my perks of turning f-f-forty to, ya know, have two.
So, obviously I'm embracing my new decade like any woman would, kickin' and  screaming gracefully and well poised like two of my most favorite literary characters: Emerson Cole and Sophie Mercer.
If you haven't eaves dropped read their hijacked posts over at Myra McEntire's blog, YOU MUST!!!
And you'll see WHY these two girls are helping me ease into my forties!
I may have to say "forty" a few more times this post before the gasp and need to fold into the fetal position subsides. 
Inner Never Grow Up Teen.
Back on track.
Emerson & Sophie:
Emerson can time travel.  How cool is that! And how freakin' convenient given tomorrow's, um, big day.  If you could, would you time travel to change history?  What if it would upset the whole space time continuum thing-y.
Sophie is a witch and not the kind that rhymes with 'B'.  Sophie also has some pretty amazing parents that reunite in SPELL BOUND.  And, she has an Archer. Trust me, you sooooo want an Archer in your life.
My two favorite things this Monday, besides turning forty (one more, I may have one more in me.) are Sophie Mercer witch star extraordinaire of the HEX HALL Series and Emerson Cole, the girl who probably time traveled to the future and already knows what I'm going to be giving away, star of the HOURGLASS Series!
What's a pre-party with out favors?
Enter to win:




  1. Happy birthday, a little early!! :) I have to say, as I read your post, I kept thinking Emerson was a boy..cause that's my son's name! LOL!

    I'm kinda scared about turning 40 a few years yet, but still...freaks me out. But i don;t feel like I'm hopefully I won't feel like I;m 40 when the time comes! :)

    And 40 isn't as old as it used to be....either that or because I'm older it doesn't seem older just to me.

  2. Awww, thanks Stephanie!!!! You're going to LOVE Emerson! She's just a kick-ass fun heroine that you want to tackle hug every now and again!!!


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