Feb 24, 2011

Christopher Walken explains my writing process!

In this week's Throwback Thursday I'm whacking two birds with two tap shoes and some swagger!

I was watching THE DEER HUNTER with my husband and I remembered a video of Christopher Walken sitting in a New York Hotel waiting for his room to be cleaned. I, of course, youtubed the thing and as I relived the Fatboy Slim's WEAPON OF CHOICE, it reminded me of my writing process.

Here goes:
Step1. Some random thought enters my mind. I don't know how, could be a billboard -one this morning sparked an idea-, could be a song, could be a stupid "what if" question.
Step 2. The plotting begins. The delights and decisions of which way the plot should go take place. I literally, "Can go with this" or "I can go with that".
Step 3. The fleshing out of all the ARC's, the secondary characters, the decisions of what should be revealed now vs later.
Step 4. I dive into the writing process. Oh my goodness it truly is like flying sometimes. The floating sensation of your imagination transforming into the written word. The amazing feeling of seeing your characters come to life!
Step 5. Revisions. The first draft flies out to the Beta readers and I tap my toes in anticipation
Step 6. Edits. Again, exhilarating and challenging all wrapped into one seamless fluid movement of my hands across a keyboard like feet across a well waxed floor.
Step 7. Submission. There is a reason why this word is used when you send out your work. You are submitting to the process which leads...
Step 8. I'll share step eight with you after the video: (double click)

Step 8. Waiting for my dance partner ... aka, an agent.


  1. Haha! Just your thought process to this post is hilarious! Love ya, Cali!

  2. :-D Thanks, Hope! It's really quite weird to see where my thoughts can wonder. MWAH & HUGS!


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