Feb 25, 2011

Inspiration in my iPod

I live and will probably die with my iPod ear buds plugged into my head.

It's true.
I could be the poster child for iPod addiction. It’s a good thing I have shoulder length hair and partial hearing loss in one ear, otherwise my children would think I wasn’t paying attention to them. *blushes and turns down iPod music*
What the heck does this have to do with inspiration?
Here goes…
When I get the dreaded WB – no, not the predecessor of the CW Network— Writer’s Block, I can always cure it with a dustpan, a playlist and one hour.
My mother came over two weeks ago and looked around my house … it was clean … and then said, “I see you had a fit of WB.”
I swallowed a few teenage based remarks, saved my WIP and said, “Yep, how’d you guess.”
“Your floors are mopped. It must have been a bad one.”
If I didn’t both love the woman and fear her Italian temper, something a snarky retort would have produced, I could have found a few choice words myself. LOL
Instead, it got me thinking.

Am I really that predictable?
My WB (sorry no vampire slayer) could be cured?

I knew I used my iPod to get my day going, but if in the middle of the day, usually after lunch, could I cure the always present, post-carb fit of writer’s block.
The next few days I tested my theory and BAM, not only was the house clean, but I was logging in an average of 2000 after lunch words!
Thank you, Steve Jobs, iPod and the shuffle button on my nano!
Now, I just have to figure out a way to derail my husband’s epiphany that we DON’T need a housekeeper.

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